15th of March – Gotthard Bar
Langstrasse 63, 8004 Zürich
more dates to be announced soon


One unprepossessing August day changed the worlds of Carla Fellinger and Janick Pfenninger forever. Two believed-lost, identical, monozygotic, uniovular twins, separated at birth, finally found each other again! And as is the wont of loving siblings, passionate and playful spats have been the order of the day, every day. In their music, however, disunity is completely overcome, and their sound melds together into a wonderful oneness, as only twins can do: heaven-moving sadness raised to the order of 2, doubly touching, doubly moving, yet a single identical unity at heart.

EP 🍁 2018

Carla Fellinger is the front-singer of the newcomer band “Klain Karoo”, studied pop music at Zürich’s College of the Arts, and supports Swiss musical talents such as Dodo, Klischée, and Cilia Hunch with background vocals.

Janick Pfenninger is founder, composer, and lead singer of the band “Tim Freitag”. In 2013 he was awarded a studio workshop scholarship to and in New York by the Zürich Pop-credit culture fund, for his musical achievements.


ECHO - we handle music
Matthias Schüpbach
(+41) 79 685 00 09

Gratitude and thanks go to the organizing team of «Now Country For All WoMen» for reuniting the Twins, and to the Café Bar Nordbrücke for their warm hospitality during our very first concert: without you all there would be no “us”!

Illustration: Henry Gillis
Biography: Güldner&Pfenninger
Photo: Beat Jegen
Website: Atelier Nordbrüggli

Frank Merola
Minarett Gaudenzi Balmer
Beda Thornton Senn
Mijo Tunjic
Emanuel Martin
Giuliano Sulzgerber
Biho Song
Hans Gut
Anne Güldner
Janosch Tröhler